Designer's Story

My First Encounter with Jewelry

I first had the opportunity to work in the jewelry industry 20 years back. While studying abroad in London, I happened upon The Great Frog, a jewelry brand with a history of catching the attention of world-famous celebrities, such as Ringo Starr and the bands Aerosmith, Motörhead, and Metallica.
I had been thinking about working in the fashion industry, and by a lucky stroke of fate I began working at The Great Frog, tasked with expanding sales into the Japanese market. Through this experience I came into contact with many pieces of jewelry, beautifully crafted by skilled artisans, and I thought 'I would like to try making jewelry myself, even if just once.' Skulls were trending at the time, so I made a skull ring using skills I had acquired from watching the skilled craftsmen work. Though it was only my first piece, the owner of The Great Frog commented on its high quality and well-made construction, which filled me with joy and pride. This moment became the beginning of the rest of my life. After that, I began making more and more accessories and would give them to my friends as presents.

Finding Happiness

Out of all of the accessories I created during my time in London, there are two that really stand out. One was a ring I gave to my friend, a pro Japanese soccer player. He was playing for the Premier League and was busy with grueling matches day after day. I wanted to give him something meaningful, so I engraved "UNDEFEATED" onto a ring. He loved the ring more than I could have imagined. The other piece that sticks out in my mind was a bracelet that I made for one of my best female friends. She, too, loved her gift, and she would make sure to wear it every time we saw each other.
Looking back, I might have been trying to win her affection with my handcrafted jewelry... and it worked! This woman would later become my beloved wife and most fervent supporter. Through these experiences, I found a happiness giving shape to the thoughts and stories in my head and creating jewelry from them, a sense of accomplishment seeing my pieces being loved and worn, and ultimately, I found value and purpose in my life, a way I could contribute to society.

Forgetting and
Re-discovering Passion

After becoming infatuated with making jewelry, I returned to Japan and began focusing on jewelry-making at a professional level. However, before long, it became more about making pretty jewelry that would sell. Taking the advice of a friend and mentor of mine, a musician, I went back to the drawing board once again to rethink my jewelry and who I am as an artist and creator. This is what he had said: "When you are desiring a piece of jewelry, how much passion and conviction goes into each piece? When musicians make music, we put a piece of our soul and story into every single song. 'How will people listening feel? Will it create joy or happiness? Is the message we want to send coming across?' - it's only after one deeply considers these questions that a song can truly be complete. If you are really an artist, shouldn't you create something that no one can but you, instead of just making something that looks nice or will sell?"
The moment I heard his words, the passion and love for jewelry I had from my time in London came rushing back. I told him, "You're right. The jewelry I had made in London overflowed with passion, emotion, and stories. What I want is to bring people happiness through art and craftsmanship that encapsulates those very same sentiments. From now on, I am going to create jewelry that touches people's' hearts, and brings them closer together.

Starting Fresh

..That was now over 10 years ago. After years of experience facing each piece of jewelry wholeheartedly, I have become more and more dedicated to spreading the concept of jewelry imbued with a story, prompting me to launch my new brand, HELICAL CHORD. HELICAL CHORD strives to share the beauty of giving shape to ones story with jewelry. We provide high-quality pieces that can be loved for a lifetime. I want to make the world a happier place, to add a little luxury to people’s lives through jewelry that tells a story; and I believe that jewelry has the power to do just that.