Q.How much do custom engagement rings cost?
Custom engagement rings start at $4000. We will recommend designs and diamonds based on your budget.
Q.How long does it take for engagement rings to be made?
t depends on the design, but in general rings are completed in around 2.5 months.
You will receive your design along with a price estimate 1-2 weeks after initial consultation.
Design Process: 2-3 weeks
Diamond Preparations: 1 month
Ring Creation Process: 1 month
Q.What kind of after-sales services does HELICAL CHORD provide?
HELICAL CHORD provides free, after-care services such as our Lifetime Guarantee so you can enjoy your jewelry for a lifetime.
Services include Stone Re-Setting and Lost Stone Replacement, Re-Sizing, Re-Shaping, Buffing and Polishing, and Cleaning. Stone Re-Setting and Lost Stone Replacement, Re-Sizing, Re-Shaping, Buffing and Polishing, Cleaning *Please note that depending on the piece and condition, maintenance may include some fees. For more details, please contact your online concierge, or see our FAQ
Q.I am not sure of my partner's ring size. What should I do?
Ring sizes for women generally range from 6-9, while men's sizes usually range from 15-21. Your dedicated online concierge can help you determine your partner's ring size if you are not sure. And if the ring still doesn't fit, we will resize the ring according to the correct size absolutely free of charge.
Q.What if my partner is allergic to gold?
In that case, just let us know and we will come up with designs to fit you and your partner's needs.
Q.Is it ok to wear diamond rings on a daily basis? Should they be taken off at times to avoid damage?
Our diamond rings can be worn daily - even when taking a bath or shower in freshwater - without a problem. Additionally, alcohol-based disinfectants will not have any detrimental effects on your jewelry. If your ring begins to show signs of wear please conact us for prompt cleaning. *For more information, please see our FAQ