Quality to last a lifetime

It is imperative to us that each and every one of our pieces meets our strict quality standards.
That means rare diamonds and metals of the highest quality and master craftsmanship to provide jewelry made with your story in mind that can take you through a lifetime.
HELICAL CHORD, here to be your partner, always.



Miracles formed through the
forces of nature over a millenia

Diamonds first formed around the time of earth's creation, over 4.5 billion years ago - well before humans ever walked this earth. Carbon atoms joined together deep under the Earth's surface at an atmospheric pressure of over 450,000 and a temperature exceeding 2000° F, and miraculously came to the surface over the planet's long history in volcanic eruptions. These mysterious crystals, formed under a series of miraculous circumstances, all differ in color and shape. Each and every one is truly one of a kind.

The same standard of quality even for each and every melee diamond


At HELICAL CHORD, we maintain the highest standards for the quality of each and every diamond used in our jewelry based on the 4C's established by the GIA - the world's leading authority on diamonds, gemstones, and more. For color, we use colorless or near colorless diamonds graded F or higher, with a clarity grade no lower than VS2, meaning that all of our diamonds are flawless to the naked eye; These high standards apply not only to our larger, statement diamonds, but to each and every diamond adorning our pieces, including the tiny melee diamonds, which weigh a mere 0.15 ct or less. We are one of only 12 brands worldwide that maintain such high standards for even our melee diamonds.

According to a market study on diamond quality standards conducted July 2021 by the ESP Research Institute Inc , HELICAL CHORD is one of only 12 brands world wide that maintain such high standards for each and every melee diamond. According to a market study on diamond quality standards conducted July 2021 by the ESP Research Institute Inc , HELICAL CHORD is one of only 12 brands world wide that maintain such high standards for each and every melee diamond, which are counts up of 2.7% of 401 brands. **Publications: Market Research on Quality Standards for Melee Diamonds (Study conducted July 2021 by the ESP Research Institute Inc)



CUT Heart & Cupid

When looked at under a special microscope, Heart & Cupid diamonds have 8 arrows visible on the bottom of half of the diamond and 8 hearts visible on the crown of the diamond. These arrows and hearts come from diamond cut symmetry and proportion that pass a specific standard. Diamonds with this unique pattern maximize the amount of light that is refracted and create a brilliant shine. HELICAL CHORD uses only Heart & Cupid diamonds, which are commonly abbreviated to H&C - the perfect match for HELICAL CHORD!

COLOR In general, the less color a diamond has the more rare

and therefore precious, it is. Diamonds are ranked from D to Z based on color, with their grade decreasing the more yellow the diamond is.At HELICAL CHORD, we only use diamonds in the top 3 grades - D, E, and F. These diamonds are colorless or near-colorless, making them extremely rare and valuable.

CLARITY VS2 Graded or higher for diamonds that are flawless to the naked eye

Diamonds are also ranked by clarity; the more transparent the diamond, the higher quality they are. Clarity is determined by an expert appraiser evaluating the diamond for blemishes and inclusions visible to naked eye and/or viewed under a microscope at 10x visibility, considering both the size and placement of inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds with absolutely no blemishes are ranked as FL (flawless) or IF (internally flawless). Impurities in the diamond decrease clarity and impact the way a diamond shines. At HELICAL CHORD, we use only diamonds of VS2 grade or higher, meaning that they are flawless to the naked eye.

Rare diamonds set just as they are


Diamonds form 100 miles below the earth's surface. They are brought up to the surface in magma that escapes the Earth's core during volcanic eruptions at a speed of 600 meters per second - that's over 1300 miles per hour. Most diamonds fracture under the extreme heat and pressure, however in rare cases diamonds are able to maintain their beautiful shape as an octahedron. These diamonds are called "sawable stones," and they are among the rarest and highest-quality diamonds in the world. Only about 10% of excavated diamonds worldwide are used as gemstones; and only 10% of those used as gemstones are naturally-occuring octahedron, or sawable diamonds, which are used in HELICAL CHORD's ADEVE collection.

The collection that lets you share that one special diamond, Adeve. ADEVE



MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP Each and every part is individually and painstakingly handcrafted

Each and every piece designed by jewelry designer Kang is handcrafted by Japan's top craftsmen.
From molding, casting, and detail work to stone setting and polishing, our master craftsmen work endlessly to ensure every detail is just right to bring out the depth and dimension of each piece, as well as create the perfect fit.

Each and every part is individually handcrafted to perfection

Kang's jewelry is specifically designed to be beautiful from every angle. From the logo mark to each and every chain link, each part is individually handcrafted to bring out an expression of dimension and create the perfect, smooth fit.

Prong setting: where natural sparkle meets master craftsmanship

Each of our diamonds are set using " hori-dome", an inlay-setting method. Four prongs, also called "claws," are individually sized and hand crafted according to the size and shape of each diamond. This delicate process is both time and labor intensive; craftsman spend an entire day to finish making just two rings that has high quantity of melee diamonds like CHORD LINKS rings. Our highly-skilled craftsmen are dedicated to providing you, our customer, with top-quality jewelry that looks and feels like luxury.